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The June 2018 Tournament Results are in!




What is The E-Invitational?

The 3rd Annual E-invitational is a unique beach volleyball tournament set to be played on the sand of Hermosa Beach, California. The top college and high school players from around the country will be invited to compete. The athletes will sign up as an individual and be placed in Monarch pools of 4. Each player will be paired with different teammates throughout the event with victories and positive point differentials contributing to the player’s score. After each round, the top two players will move on in the tournament and ¬†be placed in a new Monarch pool of 4. After the round finishes, the point standings will start over. Once the final 4 Monarch pool has been established, the athlete with the best win/loss and point differential¬†at the end of the 3 matches will earn GOLD.


2018 Sponsors

The Invitational is coming Summer 2019

Tournament hosted by Eric Fonoimoana

Eric teamed with Dain Blanton to win a gold medal in beach volleyball at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games and played more than 200 tournaments in his 16 years as a professional.


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